Penny for your thoughts?

Okay so I’m not going to immediately assume that all of you have heard of the site Postsecret, which I am undeniably addicted to and which forces me to sit on my laptop every Sunday evening religiously just to watch  its content get updated. BUT. I hope that you will at least take the time to have a little squiz when you have a day off or during one of your many 5 minute coffee breaks in between uni tutorials (or for the grown up crowd – “work” meetings). It’s confronting and unnerving  at times but on occasion gives me that warm fuzzy feeling we all need once in a while..

In a nutshell, it’s an online community where people have the freedom to post (anonymously) any and every secret, experience, thought or belief that has ever crossed their mind. And better yet, it’s in the form of a post card…I know. Its genius. Go to the site right now. You’re wasting time. Stop reading my dreary babble and GO.

If you’re still here… you can admire a few favourites of mine which I will continue to share with you as this blog grows into the amazing resource I dream it will one day be. (Take Heed! Not all secrets are good secrets, so be prepared for everything under the sun)


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