Paddington Bliss.

I went for a walk today after my mundane day consisiting of a whole lot of nothing and have decided that I absolutely love the streets of my suburb. No matter how many times I’ve walked this area I always find something new… whether it be street art on the side of a fence, a cottage the size of a pecan nut tucked away in a street I’ve never seen, or a store that has disguised itself as a house, but upon stumbling inside is filled with gorgeous trinckets and handmade goodies.

I love the boutique feel of Latrobe Terrace, the main shopping area, just up the road and how every time I walk out of my house there is that smell of fresh air or on many occasions the smell of newly made beer wifting over from the local brewery.

There are a variety of boutiques and independent stores to have a look at while in the area, but my favourite without a doubt is Paddington Antique Centre. It’s absolutely CHOCCAS with the most amazing antiques and miscellaneous items you’ll ever come across…. and there may even be something there that brings you back to the childhood you thought you’d lost!


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